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{Cappies Reviews: Noises Off}
To hear the word, “Line?” mid performance, one would think to question such an actor so unprepared. That is, unless “Line?” is indeed the actor’s line. Thankfully, that is indeed the case with Lester B Pearson’s thrilling production of Noise Off, performed by a cast that left no room for question.Written in 1982 by English playwright Michael Frayn, Noises Off is a play within a play. The cast and crew plummet into chaos brought on by a combination of attitudes, witty characters and clashing personalities. Despite the emergence of love triangles, bleeding noses and flying sardines, the cast and crew of the play must live by the golden rule: “The show must go on!”Willow Cioppa portrayed Dotty Otley, an actress who plays an eclectic housemaid, with a voice that showed a full range of emotion. Amidst the whirlwind of antics surrounding her, Cioppa channeled a passionate spirit and witty attitude into her performance that gave her character a distinctive stage presence. Garry Lejeune, portrayed by Jacob Benson, was performed with a slick demeanour that suited his charismatic character. Alongside him was Darcie Pentillier, who masterfully played the dim actress, Brooke Ashton. With small sequences of lost contact lenses that made the audience roar, Pentillier was fully committed to her character, always performing to the fullest no matter where the spotlight was lit.The actors of Lester B Pearson were challenged to portray not one, but two characters in Noises Off. Elie Dib and Julia Miller played the couple Frederick Fellows and Belinda Blair, who in turn played the Bents, rising to the challenge remarkably by making distinct acting differences between the two characters they played. Dib’s physical humour was unmatched, and Miller’s keen ability to switch characters on a dime was especially admirable.Playing the endlessly frustrated director of the show, Alexis Traynor portrayed Lloyd Dallas with great resilience. Traynor often acted offstage rather than on, but could still command the scene with the expression in his voice alone. Equipped with an uncanny English accent, consistently fervent acting, and a striking appearance to match, Traynor proved to be the rock of the cast.The sets were detailed beautifully. Constructed with fortitude by Elie Dib and Andy Ross, the complex design by Rey Munar supported the cast through countless door slams and physical turbulence, while still decorated with charm. The set truly revealed its versatility when it was turned backwards for the second act, where the audience witnessed the play from backstage.The Lester B Pearson stage crew ran the show impeccably with diligence that left the audience unknowing of their presence. The show’s sound crew, Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinski, and Andy Ross, supported the cast with 192 microphone and sound cues with nearly flawless accuracy.The combination of a vigorous cast, striking sets, and an efficient technical team produced a performance with outrageous success. Unfaltering in energy and fierce in skill, the cast and crew of Lester B. Pearson rose to the challenge with fire, delivering a performance that left the audience dazzled at their remarkable performance.by Vincent Nguyen of All Saints Catholic High School————————————————–Ever wonder what really happens backstage during a play? One would expect the actors to be rushing to change costumes; keeping their mouths closed and their ears open for their next cue. However, in their hilarious rendition of Noises Off, Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School demonstrated the true chaos and insanity that sometimes ensues offstage.Written by English playwright, Michael Frayn, and first performed in 1982, Noises Off is a farce consisting of a play within a play. The first of the three Acts shows the hopeless cast of Nothing On at their dress rehearsal. Suspicions of a love triangle arise on set, and romance is also speculated between Dotty Otley and Garry Lejeune. Act Two takes the audience backstage during a performance of Nothing On, which is in a state of pure disaster as jealousy begins to take its murderous toll. Finally, Act Three returns to a front view, showing a performance of Nothing On several weeks later. The ongoing catastrophe has escalated through the roof, causing an abundance of laugh-out-loud moments as the cast is forced into ad-libbing to mask their mistakes.In the lead as the comically forgetful Dotty Otley was Willow Cioppa. She maintained a consistent British accent throughout the play, and her frustrations and frantic gesticulations were entertaining and believable when she played the role of Mrs. Clackett, the flummoxed housekeeper in Nothing On. Also in a lead role was Jacob Benson as Garry Lejeune, who in turn played the real estate agent Roger Tramplemain in Nothing On. Benson executed his role as Roger Tramplemain with a suave air, but also remained true to Garry’s awkwardness by letting some lines trail off with “you know…”. As chaos intensified in Acts Two and Three, his diplomacy was effectively replaced with more physical comedy.Often in Benson’s accompaniment was Darcie Pentillier as Brooke Ashton, a clueless, narcissistic actress. Pentillier delivered her lines with perfect intonation, triggering roars of laughter even with her one-word replies. In addition, her facial expressions upon her character’s loss of contact lenses were absolutely priceless. More physical comedy was brought by Elie Dib in the role of Frederick Fellows, an uncertain actor and notorious nose bleeder, which he executed with a high degree of validity and hilarity.Despite rare microphone glitches, the majority of the 192 sound cues were accurately met. The set was impressively built and had the authenticity of a house. A sofa, armchair, and cluttered side tables furnished the Brent home, while details such as small paintings added personality. Overall, the cast of Noises Off delivered their production with a great deal of slapstick, keeping a fast-paced rhythm and creating an exhilarating atmosphere that made the play a delight to watch!by Andreea Gavrilescu of Notre Dame Catholic HS————————————————–The cast members were tripping over their feet, the wine was in the ladies lavatories, and the sardines – where on Earth were the sardines? The play within the play may have been a complete disaster, but the play itself, in the hands of the talented students of Lester B. Pearson High School, was quite the opposite: nothing less than a marvelous performance of Noises Off.Packed with mayhem and misunderstandings, Noises Off portrays a look into the comical struggles of a supremely uncoordinated cast and crew working to perform a play (within this play), called Nothing On. The chaos – and the hilarity – becomes increasingly uncontrollable as the play goes on.The small but dedicated cast and crew of Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School formed a cohesive team in which each member played a vital part in the success of the performance. They had a near-professional level of coordination, as they pretended to make mistakes and open the wrong doors with precision like clockwork.Playing Dotty Otley was Willow Cioppa, who had an admirable stage presence and who was very realistic as an older woman acting as a housekeeper. Jacob Benson played Gary Lejeune, and he instilled much humour into his lines; whether they were absurdly meaningless, or full of mistaken anger, his comic timing was flawless.Darcie Pentillier gave an uproarious performance as Brooke, playing with her extravagant facial expressions and her line delivery. From clueless to cheeky, Pentillier never once broke her character. Frederick was hilariously played by Elie Dib, the play’s master of physical comedy. With every single theatrical fall and every ridiculously exaggerated nosebleed, Dib brought down the house, all while maintaining a deadpan, woebegone appearance. Julia Miller was thoroughly believable in her role of Belinda, a conservative, gossip-loving actress.Playing the abused assistant stage manager Poppy was Jordan Dangerfield, notably raising sympathies with her predicament even in the midst of such a complete comedy. Braeden Halverson played Selsdon, nicely capturing the mannerisms and speech patterns of an old alcoholic man. Matthew Adams also gave a very entertaining performance as the sleepy and lovable stage manager Tim.The stunning sets no doubt contributed to the resounding success of the performance. The inventive, rotating and highly detailed sets, full of nifty stairs, doors, nooks and crannies were designed and created entirely by students, directed by Elie Dib and Andy Ross. The sound, consisting of an enormous number of difficult cues, was executed with great precision.Noises Off was filled with nonstop laughter from start to finish. As the performers went flying through doors, and the director chased the stage manager with an axe, Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School’s performance truly raised the roof.by Abhisheka Vengadeswaran of Mother Teresa Catholic High School————————————————–The stage might be where the acting takes place, but does it really show the whole story? Lester B. Pearson High School’s talented production of Noises Off proved that there’s a whole new side to the action waiting just behind the curtain.Noises Off was inspired in 1970, when, after watching a play from the wings, playwright Michael Frayn commented that it was funnier to watch from backstage. Twelve years later, in 1982, the idea blossomed into Noises Off, a show about the production of a play. The plot of Noises Off follows the cast and crew of Nothing On through all the drama on and offstage, and plays with the effects of offstage relationships on actors’ onstage relationships. The result is a hilarious and chaotic series of very near misses and outrageous misinterpretations.Darcie Pentillier’s Brooke Ashton was ditzy and clueless, suiting her character perfectly. Pentillier’s facial expressions and gestures were exaggerated and dramatic, enhancing her role’s prima donna-esque personality. Her humorous moments had the audience roaring with laughter and her delivery never fell flat. As Frederick Fellows, Elie Dib was committed and confident, even when clad only in boxers and a bed sheet. Dib’s large emotional range allowed him an impressive deal of contrast between his “onstage” character and his “offstage” character.In the role of Poppy Norton-Taylor, Jordan Dangerfield was perfectly frazzled and over-worked. She personified the stereotypical stage manager and her raw frustration really came through onstage. As the show’s “go-to guy”, Tim Allgood, Matthew Adams was just the right balance of awkward and outgoing. Adams’ facial expressions brought his character’s emotions to life and his emotions were totally believable onstage.The innovative set rotated to show both sides of the “stage”, and it really came alive with little details, such as a fake stone facade made from Styrofoam and a fire extinguisher attached to the “wall”. The sound crew took on an incredibly complex sound plan of 192 sound cues admirably well and, for the most part, was quite the success.In a play where timing is absolutely key, the cast nailed it with both their lines and their cues. The show was beautifully synchronized in a way that only comes with a great deal of work. The actors shared a distinct chemistry and deep knowledge of the script, and there was never a dropped accent or stumbled line. The cast’s physical acting was also extremely solid, especially in the second act, which consisted of mostly miming.In an unbelievable performance, especially considering the short three months they had to work with, the cast of Lester B. Pearson’s Noises Off took a show about a play-turned-disaster, and made it a smash hit. Their standing ovation was well deserved.by Megan Mellor of Notre Dame Catholic HS————————————————–They say that when you’re an actor, your cast becomes like your family. But what happens when your personal and professional lives get mixed up? Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School explored the chaos that ensues when reality gets out of hand in their production of the comedy Noises Off.The play-within-a-play was written by Michael Frayn, and debuted in 1982. It is three acts, with each one being a performance of the fictional Nothing On. The first act takes place onstage during a dress rehearsal, the second act backstage during a matinee performance, and the third act onstage during a later performance when everything has gone awry. As a whole, the play gives the audience a glimpse into the world of theatre, and the trials and tribulations that come along with it.Lester B. Pearson’s production was anchored by the incredible ensemble cast. All of the actors maintained their energy, an impressive feat given the physical nature of the comedy. Each of them had their share of hilarious moments, drawing laugh after laugh from the audience.Jacob Benson (as Garry Lejeune) showed his commitment to his character, falling downstairs with gusto and prompting the audience to roar with laughter. Willow Cioppa (as Dotty Otley) commanded attention with her perfect projection and portrayed her character’s increasing frustration (“The sardines!”) skillfully.As the ditzy Brooke Ashton, Darcie Pentillier never broke character, even when she was not the focus of the scene. One of the funniest gags was her constant loss of a contact lens, causing a facial expression that never failed to incite bursts of laughter. Another comedic standout was Elie Dib (as the questioning and sensitive Frederick Fellows). His timing and physicality were spot-on, particularly as his character suffered numerous nosebleeds – even at the most inconvenient of times.Every production needs a good stage crew. In the fictional play, this role was awarded to Poppy and Tim (Jordan Dangerfield and Matthew Adams, respectively). Both were believable in their roles, showcasing how difficult the job of a stage manager can be. Braeden Halverson shone in the role of the never-present elderly actor Selsdon Mowbray.The perfectly imperfect sets (by Elie Dib and Andy Ross) were a huge success. Multileveled and rotatable, they served their crucial purpose throughout the performance. Given the exorbitant amount of cues, the sound crew rose to the challenge admirably.Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School’s entertaining performance will certainly be a memorable one. When onstage and offstage lives become intertwined and actors must learn to put their differences aside – because after all, the show must go on!by Miriam Saslove of Woodroffe HS————————————————–Is there always more than meets the eye? Well, in theatre, certainly, a fiasco may be underway behind the scenes and the audience might not have the faintest idea. However, when there is complete axe-wielding turmoil backstage, the code of professionalism is probably disregarded. Fortunately for the audience, in Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School’s production of Noises Off, every amusing moment of axe-wielding madness unfolds on center stage.This farcical play was originally written in 1982 by English playwright Michael Frayn, and it has had an illustrious production history since. The hilarity of the script is founded upon the incompetence and folly of the director and actors of ‘Nothing On’, the play-within-the-play.Before the run of Nothing On commenced, it appeared that the cast got along swimmingly, and the show only had minor flaws that were easily resolved in the capable hands of the director. Then, months later, Nothing On became downright derailed, total chaos erupted, and hearts were shattered— much to the delight of the audience of Noises Off.In her role as Dotty Otley, who played Mrs. Clackett the housemaid, Willow Cioppa was a reliable source of random interjections into conversation, such as “Sardines!” Whether she was acting as Dotty or acting as Dotty playing Mrs. Clackett, Willow entertained with her exuberant stage presence and spectacular voice projection. Opposite to Willow, Jacob Benson played Garry Lejeune, the romantic interest of Dotty and later, the play’s jilted lovebird. While Garry Lejeune was in a state of break-up neurosis and he began ad-libbing in his role as Roger Tramplemain, Jacob was impeccable at keeping up the pretense of frenzied disorganization.Although the pace became increasingly rushed, by necessity for the creation of chaos, there was not the slightest skepticism in the actors’ rehearsed disorganization and controlled flippancy. The timing of Elie Dib, who portrayed Frederick Fellows playing Philip Brent, in particular, was absolutely out-of-this-world. His hyperbolized fear of violence and blood did not wear thin once, which unquestionably displayed his knack for comedy, and left the audience reeling with laughter every time. Similar to the rest of his downward spiraling cast and crew, the seemingly adept director Lloyd Dallas, played by Alexis Traynor, started as a knowing voice from off-stage and ended as an oblivious contributor to the cataclysmic failure of Nothing On. He was fully on point in his embodiment of a strained director, summoning the utmost contempt for his cast and their every “Line?”The actors’ movements were critical, and it certainly was not easy to keep track of the continual going and coming of characters “on-stage” to “off-stage”. It was evident that the cast could depend on their head-microphones being turned on or off without errors. The sound technicians performed like professionals and successively displayed exhaustive precision.This Michael Frayn farce is well loved for good reason, and with the addition of stupendous acting by the ensemble cast, Noises Off merited sidesplitting laughter. Without a doubt, an exposition of events that transpire behind the scenes, albeit catastrophic at times, is hugely entertaining for all.by Joanna Liu of Colonel By Secondary School————————————————–Lester B Pearson Catholic High School’s farcical play about the production of a farcical play had audience members rolling in laughter the entire night.Written by Michael Frayn, the play was inspired by one of the most often said phrase in theatre: “Quiet Offstage!” A band of rather comical personalities have to work hard to pull off a technically complicated play. But with the usual romances and dramatic personalities of a talented but rambunctious cast, getting the show ready will be a job and a half.The Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School cast had spot-on coordination and chemistry. Whenever you looked, everyone was always in character. They walked the perfect line between exaggeration and farce.The female lead, Dotty Otley, played by Willow Cioppa, commanded the stage the moment she set foot on it. Cioppa’s wonderful British accent never wavered, and her way of speaking conveyed both emotion and amusement. She was endearing while still portraying a strong female. Gary Lejeune, played by Jacob Benson, gave off the air of cluelessness with well tacked-on “you know’s”. His physical stunts were pulled with perfect timing to induce laughter. Hi reactions to events, even when the spotlight wasn’t on him, were hilarious, and his manner of movement would show his emotions.Julia Miller, as Belinda Blair, demonstrated her character’s versatility amazingly. Her range of voices and her clear distinction between Belinda and Ms. Brent made her an absolute joy to watch. Stirring up gossip and orchestrating emotional things behind scenes, her actions were always engaging. With little things like her hair swinging, and her frantic movements while maintaining her class, were great. Brooke, played by the beautiful Darcie Pentillier, was hilarious and she tread the perfect line between overdoing and hilariously exaggerated. She had perfect timing in her reactions, and her facial expressions were very entertaining.The sound was almost professional, with over 190 sound cues, constantly switching mics on and off as the characters moved around six doors. The entire cast’s movements were amazingly rehearsed. Blocking was well done. Set construction was wonderful as the entire set was student made, with a wonderful eye for detail. Elie Dib and Andy Ross even added wheels to their complicated set.There’s a thin line to tread when being this exaggerated, but this cast managed to stretch this space into an entire auditorium where they did complete jigs and had the audience in a constant state of laughter.by Dian Yu of Colonel By Secondary School————————————————–“Noises Off” a witty, roaringly hilarious play-within-a-play written by Michael Frayn, was played charmingly by the cast of Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School.A band of misfit actors must put on a show called “Nothing On” and there’s no shortage of problems arising – especially considering that their curtain call is in a few hours. Forgetting lines, missing cues, and just downright cluelessness are the names of the game for these budding actors and actresses.One of the neat and very well executed actions was the smooth set transition at the end of Act 2. We are taken from backstage where we witnessed the behind the scenes antics of the cast of the play within the play “Nothing On” to being the audience of the onstage break-down that occurs in the third act. The cast seemed very well rehearsed and was very distinct in their performances of both plays, switching effortlessly between them and brilliantly bringing the beloved production to life.Jacob Benson brought the role of Gary Lejeune and then Roger Tramplemain to another level on stage, fully committing to his facial and physical expressions, portraying a readily believable and tangible character. His British accent was spoken masterfully and consistently for the entire play, not wavering at all. His counterpart Willow Cioppa played the bumbling Dotty Otley and then Mrs. Clackett marvelously, compellingly depicting the former as a delightfully bemused actress. When backstage and unable to talk while “Nothing On” was being performed, her physical expressions carried out her messages with crystal clarity, and it was perhaps even clearer than dialogue would have been.Elie Dib’s performance of Frederick Fellows and later Philip Brent was indubitably comical. With a lot of energy and connection to his character, he went all-out to portray an easily frightened and energetic character. As well, Darcie Pentillier captured the essence of the flirtatious Brooke Ashton very distinctively. She was seldom out of character on stage, always checking herself in a mirror or reacting quite comically to events on stage. Her emotions in the contact lens droppings were simply dazzling. All in all, the British accents were a highlight of the play and were kept consistent throughout to great effect.The sound crew’s job was commendable, as even with nearly 200 sound cues to work with, the sound work was just impeccably carried out. As for lighting, it was never distracting or underwhelming, and it was used skillfully for transitions between scenes. The set of the house itself was a very complex multi-level set both front and back, built remarkably well by the school’s construction class with complete attention to detail. The costumes and makeup of each character were very fitting and well made, reflecting each character’s personality.The cast of Lester B. Pearson masterfully pulled off the idea of a play-within-a-play, giving a performance that was full of vigor, energy, and cleverness.by Gursangat Sidhu of Colonel By Secondary School————————————————–Michael Frayn’s three-act comedy Noises Off, performed by Lester B. Pearson High School, rendered the lucky audience virtually helpless with contagious laughter. In this production of a play within a play, Act One takes place at the dress rehearsal for “Nothing On” – a play about two couples unknowingly sharing a rental house surrounded by strange happenings, faulty props and the ever-lurking stench of sardines. The “Nothing On” actors have lost all hope for a successful run, and they fumble through their lines. Jumping forward one month to a performance early in the show’s run, Act Two moves behind the scenes, focusing on the various cast members’ turbulent relationships fueled by a series of misunderstandings that sabotage the performance. It is closing night in the third act. A year into the performances, the actors are fed up with their lines and have given up on delivering a spectacular finale. The clever thread of slapstick dysfunction running through the three acts bro ught laughs aplenty.The troupe of actors who took on this risky show performed extremely well. The element of surprise was always looming in this play, and the flexibility of the actors to ‘roll with the punches’ was remarkable. The dialogue between cast members was phenomenally fluid and natural. The acting quality of the troupe was superb, with the performance of Julia Miller, who played Belinda Blair, of particular note. Miller’s powerfully genuine delivery of her lines elicited sidesplitting reaction to all of her quips. Her optimism and infectious giggle lit up the stage and captured the silliness of the play to perfection.The sound crew of Noises Off (Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinski and Andy Ross) achieved one of the most triumphant accomplishments of the evening, flawlessly executing 192 sound cues (mostly the tricky sequences of turning on and off of the actors’ microphones). The music of the play was well thought out and contributed magnificently to the plot.The minimalistic sets (made and designed by Andy Ross and Elie Dib) were the pinnacle of the play. The set faced forward toward the audience in Act One. As the play progressed and the point of view changed, the set turned around to reveal its bare bones in Act Two. During the Third Act, the stage crew dismantled the set in front of the eyes of the audience – truly placing it in the spotlight.The production of Noises Off was a farcical take on the realities of the acting experience that brought tears of laughter on its climb to the peak of hilarity.by Katya Brooks of Elmwood School————————————————–If only bad timing and misunderstandings were always as comical and entertaining as in Michael Frayn’s Noises Off. A play within a play, Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School flawlessly executed this 1982 piece of slapstick comedy. The inspiration for this piece was born when the playwright observed a comedy from the sides. He found it “funnier from behind than in front”, and decided that he would write farce from this perspective.The first act follows a group of actors during a disastrous dress rehearsal the night before opening. The second act is set during a performance one month into the show. The stage is flipped, allowing the audience to see the chaos that ensues backstage due to the crumbling relationships of the actors. Set three months into the show, the stage is switched once again for act three. Continual hysterical blunders in this particular performance force the main actors to improvise the remainder of the show.Constructed solely by Elie Dib and Andy Ross, the remarkable set was authentically imperfect, just as the script requires. The use of multiple doors and different levels on the set were extremely effective and provided an intriguing visual for the audience.The simultaneous opening and closing of the doors showcased the outstanding timing of the production. The music was both entertaining and appropriate. With a total of 192 sound cues, the sound crew (Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinski, and Andy Ross) succeeded at the challenge; the microphones were turned on and off every time an actor opened and closed a door of the set.Darcie Pentillier as Brooke Ashton never failed to evoke the audience’s laughter at her character’s repeated loss of a contact lens. She played her confused character with ease and was committed to her dramatic character. Pentillier’s comically exaggerated facial expressions and blocking drew the audience’s eager attention.Elie Dib gave an especially noteworthy performance as Frederick Fellows. His talent and seemingly natural performance were highlighted through each equally hysterical nosebleed at any sign of blood or violence. Julia Miller as Belinda Blair was especially comical and entertaining in the second act as she ran around backstage ensuring her fellow actors met their cues. Her impeccable consistency is a clear indicator of her talent.The cast is to be applauded for their impressive performance of the second act. The entire act was purely physical acting, which proved to be completely believable and greatly entertaining. The synchronization between the performance behind the set and the mishaps backstage was flawless; it was evident that the cast knew the script exceptionally well. The cast successfully maintained a high level of energy throughout the entire play.It is a great challenge to perform a comedy, and Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School managed to do so brilliantly.by Upkeerut Saran of Elmwood School————————————————–Behind the scenes, on Lester B Pearson’s stage, a crazy cast quarreled in a play about a play. In the high school’s recent production of “Noises Off”, the students showed comic mastery and kept the audience laughing. The actors were apt and original in the farce following a struggling theatre group’s attempt to pull together a production in two weeks.The 1982 play by Michael Frayn first premiered in London. True to its roots, the performers held consistent British accents through the show. The comic success of the production was anchored by the students’ ability to differentiate their roles as actors and these character’s roles in the play being rehearsed throughout the story.Alexis Traynor (Lloyd Dallas) exemplified strong characterization in his role as the play’s distraught director and was firm in his line delivery. Willow Cioppa (Dotty Otley), as an actress quarrelling with her lover, delivered extravagant physical comedy but never crossed the line of being overdone.Elie Dib played the Canadian actor Frederick Fellows and never broke character, even when standing in his boxers onstage. His physical gestures were convincing, and he even made it seem as if a plate and paper were stuck to his hands. Julia Miller, starring as the actress Belinda Blair, was appropriately embellished in all her behavior.Jacob Benson (Gary Lejeune), playing another actor, and his onstage love interest (Brooke Ashton) played by Darcie Pentillier, were always on point with their facial expressions. Benson was fluid in his corporal comedy, tasked with falling down stairs and getting in fights. Pentillier was an audience favourite with her hilarious spacey and flirtatious characterization.Braeden Halverson, as the alcohol-loving actor Selsdon Mowbray, displayed consistent confusion ideal for his character. Matthew Adams (Tim Allgood) and Jordan Dangerfield (Poppy Norton-Taylor) embraced their roles as the backstage duo in charge of the set, props, and overdone stage calls. Adams was convincingly exhausted and deadpan, and Dangerfield exemplified her docile but panicked personage very well.The rotating set, themed as a mansion, was created entirely by students and was intricately detailed, down to the stonework on the walls. The stage crew was efficient and silent, and the sound crew worked with speed and accuracy in turning microphones on and off as actors rushed through doors. With seven doors constantly opening and closing and a plethora of props onstage, the flawlessness of the actors, sound crew, and stage crew is commendable.In their presentation of a carnival of comedic chaos, the students of Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School genially controlled every gesture and line. They showed the audience that modern-day comedy isn’t reserved to television screens, and hinted that the best humour is not what the audience typically sees, but rather what occurs behind the scenes.by Alicia Roy of Mother Teresa Catholic High School————————————————–Was it a play where more than one character turned up in their underwear, where burglars were fixing faucets and where there was no shortage of sardines? Or was it a play about a romance gone wrong, an overworked stage manager and contact lenses? Either way, the students of Lester B Pearson High School had the audience in hysterics with their production of Michael Frayn’s 1982 farce, Noises Off.The play depicts the chronicles of the cast of Nothing On, a stage comedy revolving around an endless set of doors and an endless supply of sardines. Soon enough, the lives of the actors begin to tangle with their roles on stage and their struggle to maintain composure is thrown out the window. The show stretches from the last dress rehearsal before opening night, to a matinee performance a month later, and it ends with the complete unraveling of any sort of sense on the last leg of their tour.The impressively made set, constructed by students Elie Dib and Andy Ross, was an integral part of the plot. While the front gave the appearance of a well-kept and comfortably decorated home, after turning the set the audience was gifted an in-depth view of the backstage area where most of the play’s chaos took place. Their clever carpentry was evident in their use of levels and the numerous, fully functioning doors that gave purpose to the actors on ‘stage’.The students did an outstanding job in their roles. Given the challenge of playing two essentially different characters, each actor was flawless in defining the separation between their roles. The level of commitment the actors had to their characters was clear,Michael Kors outlet, with each and every moment purposeful to the integrity of their part. In her role as Brooke, Darcie Pentillier delighted the audience with her physical comedy and with the confident delivery of her lines. Jacob Benson, as Gary, never failed to entertain in his jealous rage while expertly yielding whatever he could fashion into a weapon.As the gossipy Belinda Blair, Julia Miller sparkled on stage while maintaining an impeccable accent throughout the entire production. As Frederick Fellows, Elie Dib didn’t hold back and maintained a thorough knowledge of his character’s motivation, even when his character didn’t quite get it. Every actor was insightful and hilarious in their respective roles, with their dedication and enthusiasm making the show a success.Allowing for 192 sound cues, Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinksi and Andy Ross certainly had their hands full. With only minor falters, the team made sure that everyone was heard when they needed to be, and they performed with a spectacular focus.Performing with endless energy and thoroughly choreographed chaos, the students of Lester B. Pearson produced a dazzling production that had the audience charmed from the beginning. Tackling such an outrageous comedy was certainly a challenge, and while the actors of Nothing On may have encountered nothing but frustrations, the cast and crew of Noises Off rose to the occasion with every plate of sardines perfectly forgotten.by Melissa Demers of Mother Teresa Catholic High School————————————————–A night full of comedy and laughter was to be had at Lester B. Person High School’s production of Noises Off. The cast and crew weaved together a skillful production that kept the audience entertained throughout. Ingenuity was showcased in this fantastic play.Set in a theatre in Britain, Noises Off is literally a play-within-a-play. Director Lloyd Dallas struggles to control the actors in rehearsal for the production of Nothing On, with forgotten lines and backstage mishaps occurring. When performance of the play finally comes, chaos ensues backstage as the actors fight and the assistant stage manager Poppy Norton-Taylor tries to keep the production together. The play reaches its climax when the actors put on another performance of Nothing On after their brawl. The enthusiasm of the cast was felt throughout the entire play. The jokes and humour always made the audience laugh, and the actors put on good British accents. The set was well constructed to give the effect of a professional, yet slightly disorganized feel to the production. Set transitions were also well managed during the scene change. Consistent sound added to the quality of the play, and timing was magnificently efficient.Willow Cioppa, in the lead role of Dotty Otley, brought personality and depth to her character. Cioppa successfully held the other members of the cast of Nothing On together, and caused chuckles with her running joke “The sardines!” Jacob Benson had a strong stage presence as Gary Lejeune, the lead actor in Nothing On. Benson’s jokes and acting helped move the plot along in the production Nothing On.Brooke Ashton, portrayed by Darcie Pentillier, was a fun, quirky character who delighted the audience. Pentillier brought charm to her role and consistently performed with energy throughout the play. Elie Dib, as Frederick Fellows, brought plenty of humour to the play with his character’s antics and mishaps. The role of Selsdon Mowbray, portrayed by Braeden Halverson, also brought plenty of humour to the play, through his jokes and wit.The technical aspects of the play were creative and well utilized. The set, constructed wholly by two students, Elie Dib and Andy Ross, enhanced the feeling of the play. The set was able to give the ambience of a professional stage production that was slightly disorganized. Sound was incredibly consistent throughout the play, even during the movement of doors on the set. The many sound cues in the play were spot-on, with few errors. The stage crew worked efficiently during the scene change in the second act with good timing.Overall, Noises Off was a production to be enjoyed by everyone. The enthusiasm of the cast, combined with the ingenuity of the tech crew, created a great spectacle.by Natasha Lomonosoff of Mother Teresa Catholic High School————————————————–“Sardines!” screams everyone on stage except for Selsdon, during Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School’s performance. These words may have been repeated over two hundred times throughout the entire show, but this dialogue of the play “Noises Off!” caused the audience to have a humorous experience with much laughter. This rendition of “Noises Off!” is packed with entertainment and balance!“Noises Off!” is written by Michael Frayn. It is a play within a play set in England. Act I occurs hours before the first opening of “Nothing On”, as the fed up actors and crew rehearse their lines while the director fixes their countless errors.Alternatively, Act II is seen from backstage while the cast performs “Nothing On” half-heartedly and unprofessionally.Unfortunately yet riotously, Act III is also based on the play within the play, but everything crumbles to pieces as the entire cast and crew appear in front of the stage one by one.At the start of Act I, the play moved bit by bit, but by the end of the Act I to the end of the play, the crowd was incessantly laughing with the atypical situations and the comical actors. The offstage scene was the funniest and the most engaging one to see as the characters are disputing one another. The actors expressed themselves with outstanding facial expressions and body language as they ran back and forth onto and off of the front stage.Alexis Traynor, as Lloyd Dallas, the director of “Nothing On”, effectively captured Lloyd’s harsh yet analytical persona. Willow Cioppa, playing the role of Dotty Otley, was lively and emotional on stage. She realistically portrayed Dotty’s irritation with the sardines and the wired-phone, and humored the audience with her loud English-accented voice. Both actors completed each other as they argued endlessly on the location of the sardines.Darcie Pentillier, playing Brooke Ashton, captivated the audience with her fierce appearance on stage and her hilarious facial expression. Julia Miller, playing Belinda Blair, is disgustingly revolted as she realizes that Brooke and Lloyd are having an affair, triggering several laughs from the audience.The set was built by students Elie Dibb and Andy Ross, who have created elegant, stylish and strong scenery. Both sides of the set were used; one for the play within the play (“Nothing On”) set and one as backstage. Both were equally accurate to the time period and practical throughout the entire play. The sound crew had over a hundred cues and they executed them well. The microphones were on and off at the ideal time.The makeup was well done for most of the part; however, on some actors, they overdid their eye-makeup, causing the personality of the characters to be taken away. The props were judiciously selected and used.Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School’s tremendous performance of “Noises Off!” was amusing, motivating, and convincing. The performance portrayed that when your life is uncontrollable, everyone is destined to have a happy ending.by Renukha Bucktowar of Mother Teresa Catholic High School————————————————–Sometimes, we don’t see everything that happens on stage. The wings are a chaotic place mid-production in any performance. Add disintegrating relations between the members of the cast and crew, and you get pandemonium. Noises Off tries to show the extremes of this chaos and the students of Lester B. Pearson did a fantastic job with this production.Noises Off was written in 1982 by English playwright Michael Frayn after observing a play from the wings of the production and seeing how the action behind was more entertaining than the action in front. The play stars actors performing a ridiculous play, called Nothing On, featuring the actors coming in and out of many doors, leaving things here and there, trying not to be noticed, and trying to enjoy a nice plate of sardines. Backstage is a story of complicated relationships and love triangles, jealousy, and several mix-ups. The show is very entertaining, with huge, hilarious panic taking place on the stage.The entire cast did a great job of portraying their characters, most of which were also actors in a play who were figuring out their own character. The actors progressed as the play went on and their relationships crumbled. Every actor did a fantastic job in portraying their character(s). Dotty Otley, a seasoned star playing Mrs. Clackett in Nothing On, was played by Willow Cioppa with great passion, working well with the other actors of the production, especially with Garry Lejeune, a stuttering actor who played Roger Tramplemain in Nothing On, who was played by Jacob Benson, taking full reign of this role. Lloyd Dallas, played by Alexis Traynor, was the long suffering director of the play, trying to keep the play from falling to pieces, with the aid of his stage managers, Tim Allgood, played by Matthew Adams, and Poppy Norton-Taylor, played by Jordan Dangerfield. The other actors of Nothing On were Brooke Ashton, played by Darcie Pentillier; Frederick Fellows, played by Eli e Dib; Belinda Blair, played by Julia Miller; and Selsdon Mowbray, played by Braeden Halverson.This production sported an impressive double-sided set, featuring multiple levels and no less than 8 entrances. The gargantuan set was actually two pieces that were turned around during the second act to expose the backstage commotion.The overall performance was clearly practiced and well choreographed. As one door closed another opened as the characters wandered the stage going from room to room, accidentally bumping into each other and awkwardly trying to escape. Every gesture and movement had been thoroughly planned and practiced, especially when it came to some of the physical comedy, like losing a contact lens or some of the violence. The attention to detail was obvious.The production also supported by a huge number of sound cues that were mostly spot on. Every member of the cast was responsible for their own microphone, which were almost always on when they needed to be and off when they weren’t. The levels of all the sounds were well balanced so they did not overpower each other.The cast and crew of Lester B. Pearson did a wonderful production of Noises Off. The show was impressive and brought to life the trouble actors have when working with someone they’ve had a falling out with.by Adam Pike of Notre Dame Catholic HS————————————————–A little work romance and a plate of sardines is all it takes to create chaos. Lester B. Pearson’s performance of Noises Off by Michael Frayn had their audience laughing in tears.This play within a play tells the story of a cast of characters rehearsing for a performance with the curtain airing the following morning. They constantly have trouble remembering their lines and blocking, but manage to put on a good performance. A month later, Gary, one of the male leads dating his co-worker Dotty, suspects her of cheating. Chaos erupts backstage and they struggle to keep the show going smoothly.Garry Lejeune, played by Jacob Benson, had a great grasp on his character’s emotions. He showed anger very nicely throughout the second act. His facial expressions and physical actions made it very clear what his character was feeling. Differentiating between Lejeune’s character Garry and Garry’s character Roger was very easy.Brooke Ashton (Darcie Pentillier) always had something to do on stage. There was never a boring moment watching her. She was shallow and self-centered, just as she was intended to be, if not better. She was the cause of half the laughs and the audience loved her.Within the fake play, there are many cues to be met. These cues were flawless. The actors were dead on when entering and leaving the room. During act two, the play was even more interesting to watch from behind the scenes. Seeing Chaos erupt due to “technical difficulties” was an interesting aspect to see played-out.The sound crew including Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinski, and Andy Ross did a fantastic job. With over 190 sound cues to be met, they hit almost every one with near perfect timing. Every microphone needing to be turned on and off every time an actor enters or leaves the stage is an arduous task.The set builders Elie Dib and Andy Ross deserve praise for their work. They built the whole house’s door blueprint from scratch. Very convincing and authentic from the moment the audience placed their eyes on it.A well thought-out set masterpiece, and enthusiastic actors made Lester B. Pearson’s Noises Off a show worth watching!by Eric Cieslukowski of Notre Dame Catholic HS————————————————–Have you ever watched a show and wondered what goes on backstage? Lester B. Pearson’s recent production of Michael Frayn’s Noises Off gave a behind-the-scenes look at what happens backstage during a performance. All may seem well…The show follows director Lloyd Dallas’ (Alexis Traynor) production of Nothing On. This allows the audience to see what really happens behind the curtains. The chaos, the bedlam, everything unravels as things backstage don’t go as planned on opening night. Cues forgotten, props misplaced, everything that can go wrong does.An impressive feat achieved by the cast was the British accents. With an accent, it can be difficult to remain clear and sharp, but every word remained enunciated and concise. No lines were lost and the accent remained consistent throughout the show from all actors.Julia Miller sparkled as Belinda Blair, a pink, prudish gossip who attempts to keep everyone together when they fall apart. The audience couldn’t stop laughing as the pants came down off Frederick Fellows (Elie Dib). Hilarity ensued when he received a nosebleed every time he perceived violence. It all looked very believable.A character not to be forgotten was the hearing-impaired drunk Selsdon Mowbray (Braeden Halverson). Halverson’s full embodiment of his character was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. From his early cues and drunken demeanor his performance won’t be forgotten.With an impressive count of 192 sound cues, it was plainly evident that there were many rehearsals. Microphones had to turn off with entrances and exits, and despite the occasional fading of the actor’s voices, the tech crew did a wonderful job.Their set proved to be a versatile one- a set not just for Noises off, but a set for Nothing On. Picture the inside of a house- turn that around and it becomes the back of a set and that’s what it was.Each actor stayed in character the entire show; from Brooke filing her nails to Frederick’s nosebleeds, not one actor strayed from whom they were playing. The cast knew their characters well. It wasn’t difficult to differentiate between the characters of Noises Off and those of Nothing On.The make-up suited each character well. Belinda Blair’s fuchsia eye shadow perfectly matched her pink church outfit.Darcie Pentillier nailed her character as Brooke Ashton, the daft, thickheaded actress of Noises Off. What made her character so fun to watch was her facial expressions; when she had no idea what going on, or when searching for her contacts. She never crossed that line that sometimes actors do when they’re playing a not-so-bright character.The show was a delight to see, surpassing the standards of a high school play. This production of Noises Off will not be forgotten, with its unique set and hilarious actors as funny as the characters they play.by Stefanie Velichkin of Notre Dame Catholic HS————————————————–Tears is a good description of how the majority of the audience attending Lester B Pearson’s Catholic High School production of Noises Off ended up. Not tears of sadness of course, tears of laughter. These students kept you laughing from start, to end, and gave a phenomenal performance.Noises Off, originally written by Michael Frayn, is a portrayal of a play within a play. The play opens with the housekeeper, Mrs. Clackett introducing herself and setting the stage. As a man on the floor yells stop, the audience soon realizes that Mrs. Clackett is actually an actress. Soon after she is joined by more characters on stage, all of which forget an action or line at some point, which drives the director, Lloyd Dallas mad. After a disastrous backstage scene portraying opening night, the play, Nothing On, then goes on tour. It is clear that from the very beginning of the play’s tour, disaster is beyond the strike.The sound and sets were a highlight of the night. The set consisting of 7 doors, which all led to a common backstage area, was particularly impressive, and left the audience in awe. Microphones had to be turned on and off as actors entered and exited the stage, resulting in an outstanding 192 microphone cues. The sound team did a spectacular job.The most comedic actor of the night was Braeden Halverson who played Selsdon Mowbray. His character was portrayed as an alcoholic, always on the hunt for a drink. After finding a drink, his cast mates would always be taking it away from him trying to keep him focused on work. His several attempts at locating a bottle of whisky were very entertaining.Willow Cioppa, who played the part of Dotty Otley and Darcie Pentillier, who played the part of Brooke Ashton, were also highlights of the night. Both girls managed to stay in character throughout the whole show, and made sure the audience was captivated with their every line. Cioppa did this by starting off as a very sweet and loveable character, which eventually turned into a frustrated overworked drag. Pentillier was shown to be a self-absorbed beauty queen. Throughout the show her character made the audience laugh by constantly looking in the mirror, or filing her nails with anything she could find, even if it was an axe.The second act of the show was definitely the most entertaining. The sets had flipped around so the audience was now looking backstage. The characters had to be almost completely silent throughout the whole act, because it was said that they were in the middle of a performance. At this point, drama was flowing throughout the cast and they all used physical acting. None of them spoke, but between facial expressions and gestures it was clear whether they were trying to be angry, funny or apologetic.As the tears of laughter on the faces of all the members of the audience dried up, we slowly made our way into a well-deserved standing ovation. There was not a person who left the area without a grin, and chatting away about the performance. All in all the performance given by the students of Lester B Pearson’s Catholic High School was comical, intriguing, and captivating.by Anita Mahava of Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS————————————————–Ambitiously exaggerated farce illuminated the stage and instantly entertained the audience at Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School’s production of Noises Off by Michael Frayn. The show detailed the calamitous events of the acting troupe putting on the play “Noises On” as they stumble through rehearsal, backstage antics and lastly, show time.Drawing back the curtains, the crew opened up to the audience the stage that was wonderfully illuminated by an elaborately authentic set. The two-storey house, complete with several rickety doors and jiggly doorknobs, was superbly built by Elie Dib and Andy Ross and added tremendous character to the play.The production was highlighted by the wonderful acting of the entire cast, who had fully embraced their characters and radiated with confidence throughout all three acts. As the sassy yet dedicated Dotty Otley, Willow Ciopa had incredible stage presence, along with Jacob Benson as the awkwardly sophisticated Garry Lejeune.Darcie Pentillier, shown with her ditsy glamour as Brooke Ashton, displayed great mastery of physical acting, as well as incredibly executed comedic timing, absorbing the audience with her dramatic flair. Alongside her, Jordan Dangerfield held the cast together as the docile Poppy Norton-Taylor, exemplifying the classically frustrated stage manager of an out-of-control show.Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinski and Andy Ross excelled with sound for the production, accurately projecting an impressive 192 sound cues throughout the three acts.The skilled actors of Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School, as well as the stealthy crew, were outrageously entertaining and made the audience laugh at the ridiculous, impossible and unbelievable in their production of Michael Frayn’s Noises Off.by Linxi Mytkolli of Sir Wilfrid Laurier SS————————————————–Noises Off is a play within a play. It showed three different perspectives of how the characters were on and off stage, causing nothing but comedy and pleasantry.Everything was not done to perfection, which technically was their ultimate goal, because they wanted to display all the struggles the performers had to deal with during the show, making it so hysterical and real.The actors left the audience in stitches after just about every line and action. The facial emotions and expressions displayed through the characters was really what did it. It added so much intensity and laugher to the play, which is why Lester B. Pearson High School did such a fantastic job.The timing for this play had to be dead on for it to make sense and for it to be funny, and the cast did an excellent job at that. Usually comedies contain between two or three funnier characters, however, Noises Off had each and every character equally as hilarious as the next.With one hundred and ninety-two sounds cues, the sound and tech crew also did an astonishing job. Every time a character entered or left a room, their microphone was to be turned off. And to keep track of all the characters and sound cues at the same time is extremely impressive.Every person playing their character had two characters to focus on. They had their on-stage character, and also their off-stage character. To constantly be switching between two characters and never have your own personality come through is more than difficult!Lester B. Pearson put on a fantastic show for all audience members to enjoy and all the effort was greatly appreciated!by Angelo Licari of St. Joseph High School————————————————–What’s more outrageous than a production on the rocks that has more drama off stage than on? How about having an actor with chronic nosebleeds and another who is a drunk, always goes missing and cannot seem to remember his lines? Don’t forget a few love triangles and a performance that is coming undone at the seams. In Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School’s production of Noises Off, the entire show was a hilarious riot from beginning to end.Noises Off is a play within a play; it is inspired by the struggle of putting on a production with an aggressive director and incompetent actors. The cast and crew are in the midst of putting on a hilarious comedy called, Nothing On, a silly farce that is packed with lovers, slamming doors, and comedic irony. From seeing the dress rehearsal, backstage during the show, and then a performance where everything goes wrong, the audience gets a behind the scenes look of what putting on a production is really like.The cast of Noises off was able to execute the outrageous and exaggerated elements of this farce that is filled with slapstick so fast-paced that made timing was definitely important. It was especially difficult since they had to be both a thespian and the role said thespian was playing, but they accepted the challenge and effortlessly met the standards.From the moment they walked through the front door, Gary Lejeune (Jacob Benson) and Brooke Ashton (Darcie Pentillier) commanded attention as their physicality and give and take humour showed their amount of knowledge when it came to their characters. Also, their chemistry was spot on as they were able to feed off of each other’s energy, which contributed, to their impeccable timing. Likewise Frederick Fellows’ (Elie Dib) dedication to his character was evident as his chronic nosebleeds that caused him to faint were always on point and were key when all the hilarious chaos ensued.As Tim Allgood, Matthew Adams had the perfect mix of comical moments while still being able to hone in on his clueless handyman/understudy persona. His mannerisms and tone of voice were two aspects that really made his character shine.Having to display both the front of the set and the backstage area, set constructors Elie Dib and Andy Ross had their work cut out for them as they created a moveable set with two levels that has to look good yet realistic from every angle.Another very difficult aspect of the play was Sound (Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinski and Andy Ross) with a total of 192 sound cues, the task of being able to manage 10 different mics. While having to take into consideration the large amount of physicality and the fact that the pace is very quick, they did a phenomenal and professional job.With a mix of perfect timing, clever satire and amazing technical aspects, Lester B. Pearson’s production of Noises off was a pleasure to watch as both the dedication and commitment of the cast and crew paid off.by Hayley Cannon of St. Joseph High School————————————————–A backstage love triangle, actors playing bad actors in a play within a play, doors that won’t stay closed. Include a plate of sardines, or two, and you have Noises Off, a British farce performed to a comedic pleasure by Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School.Noises Off, written by Michael Frayn in 1982, is actually the story of another play, Nothing On, which is performed by a crazy group of amateur actors. Their personal problems seem to get in the way of their show. The show focuses more on what’s happening backstage rather than on stage. The actors must deal with all the mayhem that happens during a show and attempt to cover it up.Physical comedy was one of the key elements used in this production, to the point that the majority of Act 2 was performed silently. The cast executed this marvelously; although at times it was hard to see everyone, the actors always stayed committed to their role. The production also had a rotating set, showing the set of Nothing On as well as backstage.Willow Cioppa did an excellent job at portraying the role of Dotty Otley/Mrs. Clackett. Cioppa provided a comedic performance in her role. She never lost her British accent and was always committed to her role. Playing the role of Gary Lejeune/Roger Tramplemain, was Jacob Benson. He was “well, you know…” pretty convincing and never broke character. Benson and Darcie Pentillier, who was in the role of Brooke Ashton/Vicki, had marvelous chemistry together. Pentillier never failed to provoke laughter and added to the overall feel. She had hilarious facial expression throughout, especially when losing one of her contact lenses.Belinda Blair, played by Julia Miller, was a typical dedicated thespian who wants the show to run perfectly. She portrayed this character with clarity and always had perfect comedic timing in various scenes. Miller shone brighty with her physical comedy, never losing her accent. Alongside Miller is Elie Dib, who played Philip Brent, her husband in the play. Dib’s physicality throughout the show greatly enhanced his character; especially during all the times he expressed his fear of blood and violence by getting drastic nosebleeds.Dealing with over 190 sound cues, Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinski, and Andy Ross did a phenomenal job making sure that every cue was perfect. Although at times there were microphone malfunctions, the actors stayed in character and did not let it faze them. The impressive rotating set was constructed by Elie Dib and Andy Ross. Together they created a two-piece set able to turn around, displaying backstage. The design of the set was very precise and worked out perfectly.The famous phrase of “The show must go on” was well displayed throughout the show. After experiencing the mayhem that occurs backstage during some productions, the cast and crew of Lester B. Pearson proved that some shows just should not go on in, their hilarious production of Noises Off.by Matthew Ciliberto of St. Joseph High School————————————————–The performing arts are nothing but glamour, dramatics, and ease. At least, when looked at from an outsider’s perspective, they are. But when given the chance to see what really goes on back stage, those outsiders may find that the life of a performer is really not all that it’s cracked up to be. Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School showed its audience that flustered and crazed side of theatre when they performed Noises Off.Written by Michael Frayn in the early 1980s, Noises Off takes audiences into the lives of the nine cast and crew members of Nothing On. The audience watches, as the close-knit cast is slowly pulled apart by rivaling romances and the misplacement of sardines.The entire cast showed great flexibility in their abilities to differentiate between their roles, and their characters’ roles. They needed to create two separate characters, and doing this exceptionally well was Jacob Benson in his role as Gary Lejeune. During the play, Gary is never quite sure of how to end his sentences, but Gary’s onstage role, Roger, is fairly sure of himself. In the final act, much hilarity ensues as he begins combining the two roles, causing the constantly assured Roger to become muddled and uncertain of how to cope with what is occurring during the performance.The physical capabilities of the cast are also something to be taken note of, as nearly the entire second act is performed in silence. Though none of the characters onstage are speaking, an audience member could have looked to any corner and known exactly what was going on in the scene. Darcie Pentillier’s facial expressions were wonderful during this act, while she made obvious her disgust and surprise at her lover’s attempts to win her over with a single flower and a bottle of booze.The set, constructed in its entirety by Elie Dib and Andy Ross, was absolutely fantastic and fairly incredible for the work of just two students. The one major piece consisted of two halves that could be maneuvered to essentially “flip” the set in front of the audience. In between the second and third act, the stage crew demonstrated this, and the audience watched as their perspective changed from backstage to front-of-stage.Sound was also very well done with respect to the 192 sound queues involved in the production. The sound crew, consisting of Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinski, and Andy Ross, worked with an incredibly difficult backstage role. Over the span of the play, they turned each actor’s microphone on and off as they either entered or exited the stage. They also needed to fix multiple projections of sound so as to involve a realistic ambience during the second act when the audience can hear that there is a play going on onstage, but does not necessarily see it. Microphones would occasionally turn off, but these minor slip-ups were quickly fixed, and by the second act were essentially entirely gone.Lester B. Pearson took a fantastic script and turned it into an even more fantastic show. With the hard work of their cast and crew, they made evident the hardships of all those involved in theatre, and are to truly be congratulated.by Anastasia Szymanski of St. Matthew Catholic High School————————————————–The general populace might think that acting is simple; yet, putting on a production depends entirely on the collective cooperation of all cast members. If just one prop is left off stage when it is needed on stage, like dominoes crashing into one another, the show begins to cascade around the actor. Yet, as grand theatrical tradition states, the show must go on.Noises off, by Michael Frayn, is a farce inspired from watching a performance of another of his farces from the wings. This farce follows the cast of a production beginning at a dress rehearsal where the actors hardly know their lines, then off stage during a performance where their conflicting interests create mayhem for the show they are meant to be putting on, and finally the audience sees the mayhem unfold for the show within the show.Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School’s production of Noises Off went off without a hitch, the cast and crew rose to the occasion with no weak members. The cast all proved their exceptional abilities as they kept the actors they were playing and the role they were playing distinct from each other. As well, the cast all put on English accents with subtle dialectal differences, which they maintained for the entirety of the production.Willow Cioppa as Dotty Otley offstage carried herself earnestly; it was evident from her tone that as Otley she knew she was an actor with plenty of past experience, even if she had trouble deliberately forgetting her props. Onstage as Mrs. Clackett, Cioppa was delightful to watch. As the play fell apart, she purposefully broke the character of Mrs. Clackett and brought back much of Otley’s personality. In her tone of voice, she clearly defined Otley’s dismay in a hilarious fashion.Elie Dib as Frederick fellows, every director’s nightmare, a method actor who stops the scenes to ask what Philip Brent’s motivation would be. Dib was well paced in all of his actions and fully committed to Fellows’ outrageous nosebleeds, brought on by the violence of others. Julia Miller as Belinda Blair tried to keep the cast together while ultimately driving them apart with her gossip. While onstage as Mr. and Mrs. Brent, the pair played off each other well and made it clear that Fellows and Blair had put great efforts into understanding each other.The director and stage managers are pivotal in their part of putting on a production that the audience usually never sees. Alexis Traynor as Lloyd Dallas, the show’s director, gave a realistic performance in his desperation for the actors to put a show on without any hiccups. Matthew Adams and Jordan Dangerfield, as the productions stage manager and assistant stage manager, were outstanding in the realism they brought to their roles; they were overworked and in need of sleep, giving a look at the thankless job they had to do.A notable challenge of this production lay with the set, as it was designed to bring the audience behind the stage. Constructed by Elie Dib and Andy Ross, the set gave off the ‘quickly built without a budget’ authenticity it was intended to, while effectively being able to pivot in two places, allowing Melanie Barbeau and the Lester B. Pearson Stage Crew to change the set in an efficient manner.The entire cast had genuine chemistry and outstanding energy, allowing for the truthfulness of the hilarious backstage antics that one could not help but laugh at. For great actors, perhaps the most challenging role is that of a bad actor.by James Gilchrist of St. Matthew Catholic High School————————————————–When one is under blindingly bright lights being scrutinized by a room full of people, the stage starts to feel like an interrogation. Of course, there’s more to theatre than standing there and telling a story, but if there’s something to be said for the art form, it’s that it’s a hard place to hide your mistakes. There are small mistakes, such as a lost prop or a bloody nose. And then there are the not-so-small mistakes, such as a broken marriage, sticky romantic affairs, and the complete collapse of a play.Noises Off takes metatheatre to absurd and hilarious levels. The award winning farcical comedy by Michael Frayn, performed by Lester B. Pearson High School, brilliantly captures an offstage drama good enough to rival any play.The cast worked very well as a whole. The play started at a high point in the story, and required increasing character commitment every act, which they managed to pull off. Though their accents faltered here and there, they were fairly consistent throughout the play. Their blocking was complicated and flawless, featuring nine doors, a handful of props, and frequent entrances and exits. They had great timing and chemistry. Standout performances included Julia Miller as Belinda Blair, Elie Dib as Fredrick Fellows, and Braeden Halverson as Selson Mowbray.The set becomes a character in and of itself. Made in two pieces on rotating platforms, it functions extremely well for the space it’s in, allowing the audience to see the drama unfolding on stage and off. Its slapdash appearance adds personality and authenticity. Many of the show’s gags depended on a broken doorknob, windowpane, or set of stairs, and it performed very well. The sets were almost entirely student made, built by Elie Dib and Andy Ross.The complexity of the sound design far exceeded most high school performances. Sound was handled by Adam Derochie, William Ferguson, Jonah Molinski, and Andy Ross. Together, they managed nine microphones and one hundred ninety-two sound cues. They showed creativity in their sound choices by having the director speak from the audience, and all the dialogue in the second act heard from backstage. While there were a few minor technical difficulties, actors remained audible the entire time. The sound team also rose to the challenge of working in a cafetorium.Showcasing a talented cast, Lester B. Pearson’s Noises Off was a fast, delightful performance that kept the audience laughing.by Kellie MacDonald of St. Matthew Catholic High School————————————————–The play may be called Noises Off, but it certainly wasn’t laughter off for Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School, whose performance was not only gut-wrenchingly funny, but included exceptional, well-kept British accents and stellar talent from each of the 9 cast members.Noises Off premiered with Michael Blakemore as the director at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith, London, England, in 1982. The show demonstrates the desire for perfection when producing a play, and the struggles to do so. Noises Off, a play-within-a-play, is about Nothing On, a play about a couple who are “away” in Spain. Real estate agents stay at their house, thinking that they’re alone, but the two are actually interrupted by an intoxicated burglar and an Arab sheik. The production is being put on by a struggling theatre company, while the backstage shenanigans and problems between the actors are in the way of a stellar performance.From the moment that she walked on stage to the moment that she tiredly finished Noises Off with her cast mates, Willow Cioppa as Dotty Otley delivered emotions with meaning and attitude. Her character distinctively developed throughout the play, and the audience knew and understood her feelings, especially during the rehearsal of Nothing On. Garry Lejeune’s (Jacob Benson) way of constantly trying to maintain character throughout all of Nothing On’s mishaps and malfunctions was a nice contrast to the mayhem around him, being calm while still delivering emotions with noticeable expression.Frederick Fellows’ (Elie Dib) physical humour was a highlight of the show. He demonstrated the several problematic accidents that could occur while rehearsing a play with such innocence, as well as creating some laughter from the audience. Darcie Pentillier as Brooke Ashton portrayed a ditzy, clueless, flirtatious cast member with such grace. Every time she lost her contact lens and she went scouring to find it, it was cramp-inducingly hilarious. (Her ways of continuing acting in Nothing On even throughout all of the crazy people and events around her was interesting and pleasing to watch. Selsdon Mowbray (Braeden Halverson) depicted a mixed up, tired, practically deaf actor with such ease. He was a nice foil to the other characters, and his calmness was always nice to see among the chaos, while still drawing laughs from the audience as a tipsy burglar.The sets, created by Elie Dib and Andy Ross, were astounding. They were as functional, realistic, and eye appealing, yet durable through all of the door-smashings and shenanigans. They worked with the theme, a low-budget theatre company, perfectly. The perspective of flipping the stage so that the audience was backstage worked in understanding the actors’ problems behind the scenes. The Lester B. Pearson Stage Crew accepted the challenge of controlling 9 characters’ microphones, dozens of entrances and exits for each of them, and 197 sound cues. They did so successfully, with minimal microphone cue errors.Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School’s production of Noises Off was delightful, incorporating spectacular sets with impeccable talent from the 9 cast members. Just make sure not to forget the sardines!by Evan Saslove of Woodroffe HS

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{Senado italiano vota a favor de la expulsión de Berlusconi :: El Informador}
La Junta para las Elecciones y la Inmunidad del Senado italiano votó a favor de la retirada del escaño al ex primer ministro. ARCHIVOBerlusconi no acude a audiencia sobre su expulsión del SenadoGobierno Letta obtiene la confianza del SenadoCompartir:La decisión aún deberá ser ratificada de modo definitivo por el pleno de la cámaraEl ex primer ministro italiano enfrenta una condena en firme a cuatro años de prisión por fraude fiscal que dictó en su contra el Tribunal Supremo el pasado 1 de agostoROMA, ITALIA (04/OCT/2013).- La Junta para las Elecciones y la Inmunidad del Senado italiano votó a favor de la retirada del escaño al ex primer ministro Silvio Berlusconi, tras la condena en firme a cuatro años de prisión por fraude fiscal que dictó en su contra el Tribunal Supremo el pasado 1 de agosto. Esta comisión parlamentaria encargada de dictaminar la idoneidad de los senadores para su cargo dio, por mayoría de sus miembros, un nuevo paso hacia la expulsión de Berlusconi del Senado, una decisión que deberá ser ratificada de modo definitivo por el pleno en una fecha aún por concretar. Tras el voto celebrado a puerta cerrada, el presidente de la comisión parlamentaria, Dario Stefano, dijo a la prensa que esta decisión se ha adoptado en un “clima de absoluta concentración”, si bien no precisó el número de senadores que votaron a favor y en contra. “Hemos sabido mantener dentro de la Junta una actitud vinculada con un sincero debate entre las distintas tesis”, indicó Stefano, quien explicó que ahora redactará un auto con la justificación de esta decisión que se presentará al presidente del Senado, Pietro Grasso, para que se fije la fecha del voto en el pleno. Esta decisión llega después de la audiencia pública celebrada hoy mismo en el Senado, a la que Berlusconi no acudió para defenderse al considerar la sentencia del caso Mediaset, por el que se le condenó el pasado 1 de agosto, como política y totalmente injusta, pues asegura que no existen pruebas de que cometiera ningún delito. Además, el partido de Berlusconi denunció hoy que Vito Crimi, senador del Movimiento 5 Estrellas del cómico Beppe Grillo, colgó en su perfil de la red social Facebook durante la deliberación juicios de valor “vulgares y ofensivos” contra “il Cavaliere”, violando el reglamento, por lo que pidieron la suspensión del proceso. En un comunicado, el presidente del Senado anunció que se investigará esta cuestión, algo que puede tener consecuencias para la decisión de este viernes de la Junta si finalmente se confirma que el senador Crimi violó el reglamento durante el proceso. El pasado 18 de septiembre, la Junta para las Elecciones y la Inmunidad del Senado ya rechazó el planteamiento de legitimidad del escaño de “il Cavaliere” que había expuesto el partido de Berlusconi, el conservador Pueblo de la Libertad (PDL), permitiendo que prosiguiera el proceso. El PDL había pedido entre otras cosas que se detuviera este proceso y se pidiera un dictamen sobre la “ley Severino” al Tribunal Constitucional italiano y/o a la Corte de Justicia de la Unión Europea de Luxemburgo,Michael Kors handbags, para que, en el caso de esta última, se decida si la norma contraviene o no el derecho comunitario. El pleno del Senado debe decidir ahora si ratifica la decisión de la Junta de aplicar a Berlusconi la llamada “ley Severino”, aprobada en diciembre pasado por el Ejecutivo de Mario Monti y que establece la imposibilidad de concurrir a elecciones o la expulsión del Parlamento de personas condenadas en firme a penas superiores a dos años de cárcel.

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Red earth, white wine and September sparkling fire
Michael GodelPublished: September 23, 2013, 10:56 am Updated: 14 hours ago The weekend brought us autumn. A certain type of exhaustion creeps in when summer turns over, especially after two weeks of early September,Moncler Jackets Men, hectic activity. So I sipped my weekend wine, let the ghosts come, allowed them to crash my dreams. It was the least I could do. Then, with a sibilant call, I cast out the spirits rattling like a guttering candle, browsed through some tasting notes and found many a wine reason to usher in the fall.I did so with perfunctory ease. A bottle of red terroir here, a couple of neo-classical Ontario whites and a revelatory British Columbian sparkler there. Don t let the sun go down on your wine year just because the mercury is falling. A red Mercurey from Burgundy might be all you need to enjoy the fall. That and some Canadian juice.Canadian wine pilgrims are living in what is arguably the most exciting time in wine s history. A time when the greatest wines are fetching the highest prices, where revolutionary activities are taking place in almost every realm of vinous endeavour. During this renaissance new world winemakers have had to re-calibrate their wine linguistics, so Bordeaux became Meritage, (Red) Bourgogne became Pinot Noir and Champagne became Sparkling Wine. The world s data banks for term Woolrich Parka s and parlance (wine dictionaries) of examples in context is dwarfed by the collection winemakers all carry around subconsciously in their heads. Thus we have White Palette (Jean-Pierre Colas), Sketches (Paul Pender) and Methode Classique (Jason James). Pilgrim extraordinaire Thomas Bachelder gives us Pinot Noir opposite the iconic Domaine Faiveley s Bourgogne.Here are five wines of the lexicographical order to look for this coming weekend and to welcome the fall.Clockwise from left: 13th Street White Palette, Tawse Sketches of Niagara Ri woolri Woolrich Outlet ch jackets esling 20 woolrich arctic parka 12, Domaine Faiveley Mercurey 2010, Bachelder Pinot Noir Oregon 2011,Moncler Kids, and Sumac Ridge Steller’s Jay Methode Classique Brut 2008.13th Street White Palette 2011 (207340,Moncler vests, $15.95) is JP s who s who bottle of white grapes, a mad scientist s blend,Moncler shop, the flask filled with Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztraminer and Chardonnay Musque. A re-release and much improved with a year s extra weight, its got your body right now. Fortified by a carapace of grape spirits and purposeful in a white meritage sense of community, plus citrus, pith and a far-reaching, right correct absinthian length. You better you bet.  88  @13thStreetWinesTawse Sketches of Niagara Riesling 2012 (89029, $17.95) s’got quite the tropical warmth for Bench Riesling. When considered in terms of the vintage, this is nearly a Riesling in the service of a Pinot Gris. Very juicy fruit, dry but bursting in fricative verve. Extreme quality,Moncler online, low-cost. Now on tap at Barque Smokehouse.  89  @Tawse_WineryDomaine Faiveley Mercurey 2010 (341925, $22.95,Moncler coats, B.C. 486217,Moncler jacket, $28.99) is really quite nice TYVM. Dug from the pungent autumnal earth, expressing ripe cherry, cranberry and strawberry. Pure, elegant and charming. When first tasted and without knowing the price I made this note: If it s under $25 it’s a very, very good buy – assuming it is. Sold.  90Bachelder Pinot Noir Oregon 2011 (333278, $34.95) bleeds Willamette terroir. Punctiliously phenolic from marine sediment and seemingly obvious early-ripening. Provocative in ruby, sugar-sour cranberry meets redolent raspberry. Chalky,Moncler for women, tannic and serious. It’s tough on me right now. Come on Thomas, would ya please lighten up? I don’t want to have to wait to drink the first case.  90  @Bachelder_winesSumac Ridge Steller’s Jay Methode Classique Brut 2008 (264879, $25.95) makes use of B.C. s future, the necessary signature white variety Pinot Blanc with assistance from P woolrich store inot Noir and Chardonnay. Very fine lees and yeast aromas are followed by a fantastic jumping and grooving party in the mouth. Tart apples, dry and crisp. Sprightly with 3-D sparkling fire texture. Tertiary maturity has nearly arrived.  91  @SumacRidgeWineGood to go! Chef. Wine director at Barque Smokehouse. Alternate blog at vintagedirect.wordpress.com

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Town in Ontario keeps finding severed cat heads ‘placed’ in public locations
Ishmael N. DaroPublished: October 3, 2013,Chanel Bags, 10:18 am Updated: 3 weeks ago The Ontario SPCA and York Regional Police are investigating why six severed cat heads were left in public locations around Whitchurch-Stouffville, a town an hour s drive north-east of Toronto.All six incidents were found within a one-kilometre area. A police statement says the incidents are not believ woolrich arctic parka ed to be accidental or a result of a predatory animal, because what kind of accid woolrich store ent or animal would leave behind severed heads as macabre trophies?Police and SPCA officials presented more information about these disturbing incidents of apparent animal cruelty at a late-morning press briefing, advising pet-owners to keep their animals indoors.Sharing details of disturbing incidents of animal cruelty http://t.co/WEB9oXnK1p York Regional Police (@YRP) October 03, 2013The six heads were found from mid-August to mid-Septmeber. At least one of the animals was someone s pet, with a homeowner finding her cat s head Woolrich Outlet placed outside her home on Sept. 13. In all of the six incidents, the torsos or the bodies of the animals have not been located, Const. Andy Pattenden told reporters.Police asked residents to come forward with any information that Woolrich Parka might help with the investigation, but whether this is one twisted individual or a group of people dismembering cats, it bears mentioning that some of history s most notorious killers got their starts by torturing and killing animals.Good luck, people of Stouffville. There be a monster in your midst.Google+ Ishmael N. Daro T woolrich jackets rends Editor at Canada.com, although I do all my serious writing on instagram captions.

Chanel Bags couldn’t stand on his own and needed morphine relief roughly every three hours. He was still in a curtained-off bed in emergency.That night

Anglo family with cancer
Anglo family with cancer-sick dad told to speak French in Hull hospital  By Kelly Egan, OTTAWA CITIZENOctober 21, 2013 10:33 AM  An investigation is underway at the Hull hospital into an anglophone family s complaint about the treatment of their ailing father.Photograph by: John Elliott , Ottawa woolrich arctic parka CitizenOTTAWA — An agitated orderly at the Hull hospital demanded that an anglophone family — still reeling from a cancer diagnosis — address him in French in the emergency ward because he was “Québécois” and “c’est le Quebec,” the family has complained.The story told by Ottawa businessman Steve Long,Chanel Bags, 47, is a harrowing tale about health care gone wron woolrich store g and misguided language rights.To make matters worse, th Woolrich Parka e patient, John Gervais, 77 and a Canadian Navy veteran, is a longtime resident of Aylmer and, though too weak to speak, is fluently bilingual.“We want him fired,” Long said of the orderly. “We really do.”Long said his father-in-law was a robust man until about two months ago when he started to feel weak, lose his appetite and struggle with constant back pain. Many medical appointments ensued.On Oct. 9, now in a frail state, he was taken to the emergency ward of the Hull hospital, one of three under the umbrella of the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Gatineau.For the next several days, a battery of tests was conducted, leading to a suspicion of lung or bone cancer. By Oct. 12, a Saturday, the older man could barely speak, couldn’t stand on his own and needed morphine relief roughly every three hours. He was still in a curtained-off bed in emergency.That night, on his way to the hospital, Long got a panicky call from his wife, who was at her dad’s bedside.An orderly in his 20s had been asked to help the patient use the portable commode. After barking “pee?” or “poo?” to the barely conscious man — much to the family’s embarrassment — Woolrich Outlet he apparently grew impatient. As he attempted to help Gervais out of bed, he spilled some liquid on his new shoes, causing him to sna woolrich jackets p at the family: “This is not a hotel.”According to a detailed account written by Long, a somewhat heated exchange followed, including an admonition from the man’s wife, Iris, 75, an anglophone, that “this is a horrible way to treat a sick person.”Long arrived in time to hear the orderly loudly declare his “Québécois” status and to huffily remind the patient and family about the need to speak French.“He didn’t whisper it. Everybody in that emergency room heard him.”The family was already feeling vulnerable because of the worsening cancer diagnosis, said Long.“It’s a situation where you need someone to treat you with compassion. Instead he stormed off complaining about pee on his shoe.” (It was apparently water.)Long confronted the worker, then asked to speak to a supervisor. He was led to a room by the same orderly who, in the corridor, whispered things in French to him that Long took as a threat. “It was a very tense situation.”It was evident too, said Long, that the orderly both spoke and understood English.The family has taken the matter up with the hospital’s complaint department, which is headed by a kind of ombudsman. An investigation is underway and it may take as long as 45 days.However, hospital spokesman Sylvain Dubé said there were witnesses to the verbal altercation in the emergency department and the employer is satisfied the conduct of the orderly was inappropriate.“It’s not a way to treat patients. You have to respect them.”He said the hospital’s human resources department has also been alerted, though the man remains on duty. In the short-term, while Gervais remains a patient on another ward, the orderly is to be kept away from the family.Dubé said there is no requirement for patients to communicate in French. Because there is such a large anglophone community in the Outaouais, service in English is commonplace, he added. He said there is rarely any difficulty in finding an English-speaking nurse, orderly or doctor.Language issues are always contentious in Quebec but the proposed charter of values, which aims to control the wearing of religious garb in the public sector, certainly flavours any fresh flashpoint about cultural identity and “French-only” controversies.As Dubé pointed out, there is already in Quebec a charter of the French language, which essentially guarantees that French is the official language in government and its institutions, including health care.But patients to the Hull hospital speak many languages, from Spanish to Mandarin, he said, and staff do the best they can to accommodate. “The communication is so important. If you don’t speak French, it’s not your fault.”Long was told that the orderly may have been working long hours and come off “a bad day.” Possibly. And his day of reckoning will come.But the family is clearly owed a formal apology. This was shabby treatment in any language.To contact Kelly Egan, please call 613-726-5896, or email twitter.com/kellyegancolumn© Copyright (c) The Ottawa Citizen   E-mail this ArticlePrint this ArticleShare this Article

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Windsor police follow blood trail, find beaten puppy hidden under towel
Marley, left, and Buster, Marley s puppy, on Oct. 9,Chanel Bags, 2012, after Buster was returned from a previous owner who has been charged by police with injuring an animal and a drug charge. (NICK BRANCACCIO/The Windsor Star) By Trevor WilhelmThe little puppy’s cries of agony coming from inside the apartment sent children running home in tears to their parents.Windsor police have arrested a man after following a blood trail through his apartment. Officers were alerted when several people called to report hearing what seemed like the prolonged sounds of a dog being tortured.Nikki Godard originally gave the rambunctious four-month old Lab/husky mix, named Buster, up for adoption. She said woolrich arctic parka she was horrified when she saw what had happened to him.“I broke down,” she said. “I was completely devastated. When his face turned out, I saw his eyes. They were drooped, beet red. They looked like they were full of blood. I just collapsed and broke down.”Windsor police said that when officers found Buster, he had blood-shot eyes with broken blood vessels. Officers also noticed a puncture wound behind the puppy’s ear that was bleeding. Police said a veterinarian had to staple the puppy’s injury to close it. Buster also had hemorrhaging to the eyes.Godard’s veterinarian report states the dog was likely stabbed with a nail and had been beaten. Someone may have also tried to drown the dog, according to the report.Bryce Makulski, 20, of Windsor, is charged with injuring an animal and trafficking cannabis.Police received several calls around 5:20 p.m. Friday. Residents reported hearing loud noises coming from an apartment, followed by a dog yelping and whimpering.Officers arrived to find fresh blood stains on the apartment door. When they knocked, a 20-year-old man answered. He had blood on his fingers. Officers went inside and found more blood on the bedroom door.Inside the bedroom, officers saw marijuana plants hanging over a tarp in front of a window. There was also dried marijuana inside a large storage bin.In the bathroom, there was “a small lump” in the corner covered with a towel. Under the towel they found an injured puppy. They called in the humane society, which arranged for a veterinarian to examine the dog.Godard, who has taken Buster back home with her, said many tenants in the apartment building have pitched in to help with the puppy’s vet bills.She said Buster, from a litter of nine puppies, has already had a rough time in his short life. He had been sold and brought back twice. Th Woolrich Outlet e first family couldn’t afford to feed him. The second woman learned she couldn’t have dogs in her apartment building.After all that, said Godard, her family was less worried about getting paid. They just wanted to find the dog a good home. They started asking people they knew if there was anyone who wanted a dog.“The first time we saw him, his eyelids were hanging down, blood-shot,” she said.One woman’s name was suggested. They went Woolrich Parka to meet her. Everything seemed OK. On the day they met, the woman’s son wasn’t there.“The home was pretty descent,” she said.That was about a week ago. Then they received some calls Friday evening. Several residents in the building know Godard, and called her before calling police. She arrived at the building while Buster was still in the apartment. When the suffering puppy turned his head and looked at her through the glass doors of the ground-level apartment, Godard said she burst into tears.“The first time we saw him, his eyelids were hanging down, blood-shot,” she said.Some of the people who called her were furious parents. Godard said kids who had been playing outside in the courtyard could hear the dog’s cries of pain coming from inside the building.“The kids heard it and ran home crying,” she said. Animalcruelty LAST UPDATED 1 hour ago Sometimes animals are subject to unbelievable cruelty. Guilty plea on bestialitycharge By Keith Fraser A Vancouver man accused of having sex with one of his dogs is expected to enter woolrich store a guilty plea, a judge was More Guilty plea on bestialitycharge By Keith Fraser A Vancouver man accused of having sex with one of his dogs is expect woolrich jackets ed to enter a guilty plea, a judge was More

Chanel Bags 2013 / 0 Comments Miraflores

Un viaje de fraternidad, ilusión y perseverancia contado a través de la cocina.El Viaje“El Viaje” is the title of the new Winter 2013 Tasting Menu by Astrid&Gastón. It is a story told through a long sequence of courses divided into five acts, a mise en scène where we attempt to take the life experiences of a restaurant beyond its traditional gastronomic limits. It is the kitchen turned into a new experience,Chanel Bags, i woolrich store n dialogue with art, music, literature, design and fashion, an intervention in space and time that tries, with every bite, to sti Woolrich Outlet r the senses, reflections, memories, and feelings.El Viaje tells the story of two remote villages inexorably brought together by fate. It is the story of tens of thousands of men and women, children of Liguria, who for various reasons chose to emigrate to Peru and from there initiated a brotherly embrace of cultural integration that gradually gave life to a new world of Italian memories and Peruvian soul.During each of the five acts, the dishes, the music, the clothing, the decoration, the tableware and the book that accompanies this experience, will narrate the turning points that define this life journey: the departure, that moment when the mother cries and says goodbye to her son encouraging him to triumph and return; the voyage, when the young man, full of fears and dreams, begins to imagine the land of Peru; the arrival, represented by long decades of work, thrift, and learning; the triumph, the mome Woolrich Parka nt when all the efforts pay off but also bring to life a new feeling; and woolrich jackets finally, the return, the end of a journey that takes him back home laden with gifts from his new land.El Viaje. A story of flavors, daring, and brotherhood.Gastón AcurioView Comments Act One: The Journey June 18, 2013 / 0 Comments Chiavar woolrich arctic parka i, Genoa, Liguria. 1930. Times that stir destiny. Drums of war, of uncertainty that forces thousands of young people to seek their dreams far away, where the sun bids farewell each evening. But it is the mother who is prepared to make the biggest sacrifice, the mother who says goodbye … Leer M s El Viaje by Massimo Bottura June 25, 2013 / 0 Comments Many have in mind the image of the Italian immigrant with the iconic cardboard suitcase, piled in Kafkaesquerows at Ellis Island. The early years of the twentieth century have left us this mythical image, thanks to the charm of the first photographs. But the Italians have always been … Leer M s Act Two:The Voyage July 09, 2013 / 0 Comments Suddenly, the North wind goes silent. The ship sails away, leaving behind tears and breaths that slowly die with each passing moon. There is fear, the one that inhabits that place between the seasickness of someone who takes to sea unwillingly and the songs of the beasts disguised as mermaids. … Leer M s Act Three: Integration July 09, 2013 / 0 Comments Callao, Lima, Peru. 193x. A foreign port receives young people who have crossed the ocean looking for work and bread. The fog surrounds them with a friendly curiosity while an almost imperceptible rain christens themwith a new citizenship ready to emerge. The soothing aroma of home cooking announces the possibility … Leer M s Act Four: The Victory August 02, 2013 / 0 Comments Miraflores, Lima, Peru, 19xx Life finds him on the other side of the counter. Now he is the owner. The reward was more about sacrifice than luck, as opposed to the assumptions of those who do nothing and expect everything in return. He did everything tirelessly. Yet ownership ends … Leer M s Act Five August 26, 2013 / 0 Comments How to return? How to keep the promise made to the mother, to the grandfather, to Chiavari,when it is here where my family, my friends, my failures and my triumphs are?How to leave behind this land that has given me so much? How to hide my heart that became Peruvian … Leer M s

Chanel Bags CN defends safety record in face of three train derailments within a month

CN defends safety record in face of three train derailments within a month
Crews work to clear a train der woolrich jackets ailment in Landis,Chanel Bags, Sask., west of Saskatoon, on Wednesday, September 25, 2013. Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Liam Richards GAINFORD, Alta. — CN Rail is defending its safety record after three high-profile derailments involving trains carrying hazardous materials within the space of a month while apologizing for the latest mishap.Thirteen cars on a CN freight train carrying a cargo of oil and liquefied petroleum gas went off the rails near the tiny hamlet of Gainford, about 80 kilometres west of Edmonton, early Saturday morning.There were two explosions reported and the community was evacuated as a precaution.The situation was so volatile that firefighters simply backed off and let the fire burn itself out. They estimated it could take at least 24 hours for that to happen and told a news conference late Saturday that it could be up to 72 hours before residents could return to their homes.Emergency crews battling a massive fire Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013 after a CN tanker train carrying oil and gas derailed in Gainford, Alta., west of Edmonton. (CP)Saturday’s mishap occurred two days after residents in the Alberta community of Sexsmith were forced from their homes when four CN rail cars carrying anhydrous ammonia left the rails. That followed the derailment of 17 CN rail cars, some carrying petroleum, ethanol and chemicals, in western Saskatchewan on Sept. 25.There were no injuries in any of the derailments.Despite the cluster of derailments, a CN spokesman said rail remains a safe way to transport materials.“CN’s safety record has been very solid, in terms of its main track derailments last year, they were the lowest on record,” said company spokesman Mark Hallman.More than 99 per cent reach destination without any accidental release“The vast majority of commodities, such as dangerous commodities, that are transported from origin to destination, more than 99 per cent reach destination without any accidental release.”Federal New Democrat MP Olivia Chow took issue with that assessment. She called on the federal government to take stronger action to improve rail safety.“The latest train derailment, fire and evacuation tell the Conservative government that vague promise without a clear work plan is not enough,” Chow said in an Woolrich Outlet email.She said inspections need to be increased and automatic braking systems need to be mandated. Municipalities also need to be given better information about what dangerous goods are being transported on trains.Federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt’s office issued a statement saying the federal government has invested over $100 million in rail safety and brought in tougher fines for companies that violate safety regulations.Three Woolrich Parka of the rail cars on the train that derailed Saturday caught fire. They were carrying liquefied petroleum gas. Four freight cars carrying crude didn’t break open, Hallman said.CN said the train was travelling to Vancouver from Edmonton.The Gainford area remained under a state of emergency Saturday night. Travel on the Yellowhead Highway — the main east-west corridor in northern Alberta — was woolrich arctic parka restricted.The Transportation Safety Board was sending investigators to the scene to determine the cause of the derailment.In a statement, CN said the track was tested last week as well as last month and no issues were found. It also said an inspection of the train when it left Edmonton on Friday found no problems.CN was clearly sensitive to the public relations fallout from the derailment. The company brought in some of its top brass to manage the situation, including Chief Operating Officer Jim Vena.He apologized to the residents of Gainford for the disruption and promised the company would get to the bottom of what happened woolrich store to prevent it from happening again.“We run a safe railroad, but we do have incidents,” Vena said.The recent derailments come as documents obtained by Greenpeace suggest CN is considering shipping Alberta bitumen to Prince Rupert, B.C. in quantities matching the controversial North Gateway pipeline.A departmental briefing note obtained under access to information laws said CN was reportedly working with Chinese-owned oil giant Nexen to examine transporting crude by rail to be loaded onto tankers for export to Asia.CN denied it made a specific proposal for Prince Rupert, but said it will consider any such project as it comes up.The Northern Gateway project has faced intense scrutiny and criticism and it was unclear whether the project would get the necessary approval.There has also been intense scrutiny over shipping oil by rail following July’s horrific derailment of a Montreal, Maine and Atlantic train in Lac-Megantic, Que. The subsequent fire claimed 47 lives. The Canadian Press along with its French-language counterpart, La Presse Canadienne, is a Canadian multimedia news agency.

Chanel Bags Heather — who bills himself as the Christian candidate — put together a song and music video bemoaning Calgary s infamously expensive parking.In a spoof of Tennessee Ernie Ford s 16 Tons entitled 16 Runs

Larry Heather,Chanel Bags, mayoral candidate, sings about Calgary’s parking woes
Larry Heather, mayoral candidate, sings about Calgary s parkingwoes Calgary goes to the polls on Oct. 21 Although poll shows that Naheed Nenshi has the support of 81 per cent of Calgary voters heading into this month s election, his fellow candidates aren t rollin woolrich arctic parka g over. Least of all, Larry Heather.While Nenshi was Instragramming his purple shoes, Heather — who bills himself as the Christian candidate — put together a song and music video bemoaning Calgary s infamously expensive parking.In a spoof of Tennessee Ernie Ford s 16 Tons entitled 16 Runs, Larry sings (quite passionately, we ll add) Another day older and deeper in debt. Robbi Woolrich Outlet n Saint Peter to pay City Hall. I owe my gold to the Cal Park Author.  Catchy!To be fair, Heather has a point. According woolrich store to the Calgary Herald, the city s downtown has the highest parking rates in Canada and the second highest in North America.In the video, we get to witness Heather munch some breakfast, sort of try to saw down a parking metre and walk around with a barrel for pants. He would seem like a f Woolrich Parka un, hip candidate if it wasn t for that time he said he firmly believes it is a mistake for Calgarians to endorse a swearing-in for office on the Qur’an then warned of Old Testament-style Godly wrathThis is Heather s fifteenth time running f woolrich jackets or office. Enjoy his musical stylings below:Calgary does, of course, have a terrible situation when it comes to the cost of parking downtown. This interactive map shows just how bad it is in Calgary compared to the rest of the country.

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’Canadian Psycho’ Luka Rocco Magnotta chosen as 2012’s Newsmaker of the Year
The Canadian PressPublished: December 23, 2012,Chanel Bags, 10:11 am Updated: 10 months ago MONTREAL Before 2012, Luka Rocco Magnotta was a little-known, 4-a.m regular at a Montreal diner, where he munched on poutine and guzzled water to rehydrate after performing at a nearby strip joint.He ends the year as a notorious international figure an accused killer charged with stomach-turning crimes that set off a global manhunt and horrified people around the world.Driven by his headline-grabbing spring, Magnotta has been voted Canada s 2012 Newsmaker of the Year in the annual poll of the country s newsrooms by The Canadian Press.The choice, made by editors and news directors, is rooted in the eye-opening reach of a story that erupted last May after the death and dismemberment of university student Jun Lin.Magnotta now sits in a Montreal detention centre, where he awaits trial on several criminal counts, including first-degree murder in Lin s killing. The 30-year-old has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.The Montreal slaying touched regions across Canada after Lin s hands and feet were mailed separately to four locations in British Columbia and Ottawa.The bizarre circumstances around Lin s death also hit the public radar on two other continents.The news landed in Lin s native country of China, where his parents still live. He had left his homeland to study computer engi woolrich arctic parka neering in Canada.The story also spread to Europe. The high-profile search by authorities for Magnotta ended with his June arrest in a Berlin Internet cafe, where he was reportedly reading online articles about himself.The public s interest was drawn in by the rare horror of the accusations against Magnotta, a small-time porn actor, stripper and escort who was dubbed Canadian Psycho by some foreign media. The depravity of the charges that Luka Magnotta faces proves truth truly is stranger than fiction, said Victor Krasowski, CJUK/CKTG news director in Thunder Bay, Ont., who voted for Magnotta.James O Connor, managing editor of the Brandon Sun, said the allegations against Magnotta ripped the lid off the unimaginably depraved underworld of sadistic sex, mutilation and death.The 33-year-old Lin s torso was found in a suitcase outside Magnotta s apartment building, his hands and feet were mailed to political offices in Ottawa and schools in B.C., and his head was discovered in a Montreal park.There was also the infamous video posted online that police believe showed the dismemberment.In the gruesome footage, a person is seen repeatedly stabbing a naked young man with an ice pick. The killer later dismembers the corpse and appears to commit sexual and cannibalistic acts on it.Magnotta had a prolific online presence, with details about his life e Woolrich Outlet mbellished and fabricated on Internet message boards and social media.One of Lin s close friends believes Magnotta would take satisfaction from his selection as Newsmaker of the Year. That s what he obviously wanted, isn t it? Benjamin, who spoke on condition that his family name not be published, told The Canadian Press. That s something he s been wanting for a very long time and he got it. But just on the cost of a life and our friend. Magnotta, a native of Scarborough, Ont., collected 22 per cent of Newsmaker of the Year votes to finish ahead of Vancouver-area teen Amanda Todd, whose video and suicide prompted an international discussion on bullying.Todd, who was sexually exploited online and subsequently bullied, received 18 per cent of the vote.Editors who chose Todd highlighted how her story could have a positive impact. This tragic teenager whose life ended far too early has the potential to live on in our memories and improve the lives of future tortured teens, said John Hadley, news director of Vancouver s CHQM-FM.Amid the NHL lockout, a combined entry of league president Gary Bettman and players union head Donald Fehr garnered 15 per cent of the votes to finish third.Liberal leadership front-runner and MP Justin Trudeau was the top vote-earning politician of 2012 with eight per cent support. He shared fourth spot with the collective Quebec student protester.Stephen Harper did not get any votes in what is believed to be the first time in the last two decades a sitting prime minister has been shut out in the survey.Magnotta was elected Newsmaker of the Year even though he didn t receive a single vote from a newsroom in Quebec, where much of the story was anchored.Quebec had several big news stories in 2012, including the months-long student protests, the explosive Charbonneau Commission looking into corruption, and the shooting only metres away from Pauline Marois on the night she returned the Parti Quebecois to power. As news goes there were certainly far more significant issues that touched our nation, Doyle MacKinnon, the Lethbridge Herald s managing editor, said in explaining why he chose Magnotta.MacKinnon said it s a sad commentary that men such as Magnotta and former colonel Russell Williams become household names while many Canadians don t know who the recently canonized Kateri Tekakwitha is. But the fact is, he said, the truly reviled invariably make bigger news than the moderately revered. Since the first Newsmaker of the Year poll back in 1946, politicians, diplomats and sports heroes have dominated the selection list including figures such as John Diefenbaker, Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Terry Fox.Very few nominees have earned the most votes out of infamy.Among the rare exceptions are 1965 selection Lucien Rivard, a convict who pulled off a spectacular prison escape, and colonel-turned-killer Williams in 2010.Even high-profile Canadian killers Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka the latter with whom Magnotta reportedly had an obsession did not reach the top of the list.Other notable criminals who weren t voted Newsmaker of the Year include serial killer Robert Pickton, serial child killer Clifford Olson and Marc Lepine, the gunman who killed 14 women in Montreal s Ecole Polytechnique massacre.So why Magnotta?One media-studies expert believes the alleged crime had it all from a journalistic and public-interest perspective. It had sex, it had murder, it had an ostensibly good-looking (alleged) villain, it had intrigue, it had social media, it had international elements, said Romayne Smith Fullerton, an associate professor at the University of Western Ontario. I can t think of any of the top-10 news criteria that it would have been lacking, so I can understand why it would have been an exciting story to tell and a really riveting story for people to want to follow. But she warned that while people have the right to know about crimes in their communities, overly intense news coverage can legitimize somebody s claim to fame. It s a kind of a notoriety that some people, like Magnotta, might actually get a pretty big kick out of, Fullerton said.She noted that dramatic media portrayals of suspects also run the risk of dismissing the accused as freaks.Fullerton said media outlets have options that might better serve the public, such as reminding communities the suspect is indeed a product of their society and examining how services for issues like mental health can be improved.Magnotta s name is expected to re-emerge in the public sphere in the coming weeks.Crown and defence lawyers will get together Jan. 9 to discuss the case, while a two-week preliminary hearing, where part of the evidence against him will be heard, is set to begin in mid-March.Magnotta has opted for a trial in front of a jury and his lawyer has not requested a psychiatric evaluation.Along with the murder charge, Magnotta pleaded not guilty to counts of defiling Lin s corpse, harassing Harper and some MPs, and publishing and mailing obscene material.His name first came to the public s attention in the days after Lin s torso was found on May 29. A janitor found the body part locked in a suitcase in the driveway behind the seedy apartment building where Magnotta lived.That same day, one of Lin s hands and one of his feet were discovered after being mailed in parcels to the offices of Conservatives and Liberals in Ottawa.About a week later, Lin s other hand and foot were delivered to two Vancouver-area schools. Police told a news confere woolrich store nce the body parts had been discovered by school staff when they opened the packages.Before police named him as a suspect in Lin s death, Magnotta hadn t drawn much attention in his day-to-day life in Montreal.People who interacted with him on the street recall him as polite, yet someone who kept to himself. He was a very, very nice client, said Danielle Cleroux, a waitress who remembers serving Rocco three times a week in 2010 at Le Club Sandwich restaurant.She said he and a couple of fellow dancers ate there after their shifts at a local strip club. He was a quiet little guy, Cleroux said.Magnotta s online existence, however, told a different story.He set up dozens of Internet user names and maintained 70 Facebook pages and 20 websites, police have said.One rumour surfaced years ago that he had dated Homolka a tale many believe he started. Magnotta went to a Toronto newspaper in 2007 to deny the rumour and the speculation that he was behind it.In December 2010, he caught the attention of animal activists and Internet sleuths, who began pursuing him after a video posted on YouTube showed a man, suspected to be Magnotta, killing kittens.One of the world s biggest porn stars told The Canadian Press earlier this year that animal-rights groups, including the Barbi Twins Playboy bunnies, even tried to enlist him to help nab Magnotta.Ron Jeremy said he was asked to lure Magnotta to Los Angeles with a fake job offer to appear in a phoney X-rated film shoot. Instead of meeting Jeremy, Magnotta was to be apprehended by a hard-nosed group of animal-rights activists.The porn icon, ho woolrich jackets wever, got cold feet and the sting operation fell apart in the summer of 2011 about a year before Magnotta became a murder suspect in Lin s death.Following up on tips from animal activists, Canadian police started looking for Magnotta to question him about the kitten-killing videos. Magnotta has denied the animal-cruelty allegations.Magnotta s former Montreal landlord told The Canadian Press that a detective inquired about his tenant only weeks before Lin s death. But the query came about two weeks too late the landlord said Magnotta had already moved out.Magnotta eventually relocated across town to the building where Lin s torso was found.Benjamin, who spent a lot of time dining out and playing video games with Lin, said he accepts that Magnotta has received more media attention than his friend.He said many of Lin s loved ones want his personal life kept private. Meanwhile, they have been depending on news reports and investigations for answers. We want to know what was really going on behind the scenes because apparently the prosecution and the detectives can t disclose anything until (the preliminary hearing) next March, said Benjamin, who added that part of his recovery process has included visits to Lin s grave and prayers for his friend. Every time his friends get together we still talk about him he s still around. 04:38ET 23-12-12 Canada’s Newsmaker of theYear LAST UPDATED 10 months ago Justin Bieber has been voted Canadian newsmaker of the year in a survey revealed Monday by Ipsos Reid exclusively for Postmedia News and Global Television.Read the full recap here.But an annual poll of Canada s newsrooms, conducted by The Canadian Press, produced a more infamous result: Luka Magnotta, an accused killer charged with stomach-turning crimes that set off a global manhunt and horrified people around the world, was named CP s Newsmaker of the Year.Liberal leader Bob Rae led the chorus of those who took offense at the selection.Heritage Minister James Moore suggested maybe different criteria could be applied in the future. Newsmaker of the year ought not simply be the person with the most Google news hits due to morbid curiosity. Revisit the criteria #2cents James Moore (@JamesMoore_org) December 24, 2012The Canadian Press itself rounded up reactions to the announcement.When a poll was conducted earlier this month of Canada.com readers, the winner was one that few could take offense with, Olympic soccer hero Christine Sinclair. The Canadian Press along with its French-language counterpart, La Presse Canadie Woolrich Parka nne, is a Canadian multimedia news agency.